Snake Temple, Penang.

Snake Temple, Penang.

Aheeyyy, I’m ‘sizzling’ all the way to this blog again! Just to greet you guys with some pictures taken from the Snake Temple in Penang.
Wohooo, are you ready to sizzle with me? Hahaha.

Snake Temple (蛇庙) is situated in Penang and perhaps is the only temple of its kind in the world. Visitors could enjoy seeing various kinds of pit vipers. Visitors are also allowed to pick up the snakes and place them on their bodies to take picture, under the supervision of the guards.

It’s been so many years since my last visit to Snake Temple and I still can remember vividly my parents had me take a picture with a huge fat snake on my shoulders.
Where did I get my courage back then??? I wonder. But I was still a baby at that time, a friend told me that its still considered as baby if one hasn’t reached 12 yo. hahahha.

Snake Temple at Penang

The weather was super warm that day, which made me sweating like nobody’s business. So we decided to stay a bit longer in the temple. Sitting. chilling and hiding from the blazing sun.

Snake Penang

Those snakes bodies’ colors are either greenish or chocolate-ish. They are all the time resting on the artificial brown branches, at almost every single corner of the temple.
So it needs quick and scrutinized vision to spot them! I spotted a few of them from afar but a few times did I know I was actually standing so damn near with the snakes already! My adrenaline was being triggered! Hahhaa.

Snake Temple Penang

Buuuuuut, I managed to touch one of the snakes with my finger tips! Yes, this one! This big long one above! Wohoooo!
I felt like touching a sandpaper with scaly surface! Eerrr…. it made me kind of goose bumping!

Snake Temple

Tadaaa! This is probably the most massive snakes of all! It has a very nice soft, yellow color. The lady who was guiding a bunch of Caucasians kept telling us to go inside the cage and have a touch on the snake’s body. It was believed to bring prosperity, health and happiness (If I did not wrongly recall).
Who wants happiness? Pls go ahead! Hehhee.

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