San Resto Jln. H. Misbah (Multatuli) Medan

San Resto Jln. H. Misbah (Multatuli) Medan

Hello, foodandholiday is back to drop some lines here!
And for this weekend’s post is about San Resto at Jln Multatuli, Medan.

This eatery is known by the name of Tukha San in olden days.
I’m not sure how long they have been occupying this current place, but I’m sure that they are still doing very well.
Wifi is now available there! Woohoo! *happy scream*

3 of the foodandholiday braved the super heavy downpour to have the late lunch there last Sunday.
So, did it worth the effort? I forcefully have to say NO…
Sad to say that the legendary flavor which we loved so much is no longer there.

So, here were what we ordered :

– Tukha (pork trotters) with braised eggs : Idr. 25K/portion (We had 2 portions here).
This is (ONLY) a portion of tender pork, but not as good as it used to be.
Somehow, the bold taste which make this their signature dish was missing 🙁

San Resto Medan

- Usus Kecap (Soy Sauce Intestine) : Idr. 30K/portion.
This is another must order dish in San Resto. So good that it tasted quite flavorful. 
Maybe this was the only stand-out dish at the time of our visit.

San Resto

– Tukha Bihun (Braised Pork Trotters Bee Hoon) : Idr. 30K
We seriously felt cheated with this dish! LOL!
One question for the readers, “How much the percentage of similarities between the picture in the menu and what really comes to the table?”
Taste wise was mediocrely good, though.

San Resto

- Tauco Udang : Idr. 50K.
Another close-to-tasteless dish. Prawns were fresh enough, and I quite like the small chopped fried pork belly in it. But, isn't it too expensive?

San Resto

We actually ordered their Sup Kiamchai (preserved green mustard soup) too, price was at Idr. 25K/bowl.
No picture as all the shots for it turned out blurry. 
Moreover, there's nothing to shout about it too.

Conclusion is, the quality there has deteriorated quite a lot since our first visit and my previous review.
Location : 
San Resto 
Jln. H. Misbah No. 14G 
Telp : 061-42001232 

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