One of the most staple and favorite breakfast in Medan city. How about yours then?

One of the most staple and favorite breakfast in Medan city. How about yours then?

In almost every corner of Medan city, we can easily find many stalls selling Kwetiau Goreng or Char Kway Teow. Honestly, I’m so thankful that it’s just as easy as ABC.

Frankly speaking, a lot of small stalls in Medan cook really good CKT compared to restaurants. At some really famous stalls, you will have to queue for at least half an hour to get served. But on the other side, some are not gaining enough traffic and ended up closing down the business.

Let’s talk about this very simple and humble stall, run by a couple of husband and wife. Husband helps the wife to prepare the ingredients and the wife responsible for the stove. At first, I was reluctant to stop by, but I did, and to my surprise, I love their Char Bee Hoon so so much!
With only 10 thousand rupiahs, you will get a fair portion of very good meal!

Mie, Bihun Goreng

Customers can choose either chicken eggs or duck eggs.


Telur ayam & bebek

Well, I will try to request using both chicken egg and duck egg on my next visit!! Lol

As you see in the pics, the plain-fried noodles, vermicelli and kwetiau are put separately, ready to be served.
Customers can buy them plain-fried or egg-fried, I prefer mine with duck eggs though.

Mie Goreng Medan

Plain-fried noodles


Kwetiau Goreng Medan

Plain fried Kway Teow


Bihun Goreng Medan

Plain fried Bee Hoon

Look below, this is how the Auntie prepared my duck-egg-fried-beehoon. Portion is not very big but enough for a morning meal.

Goreng Bihun Medan

This is so good! Very good! It’s interesting to watch the Auntie slowly but steady working on the wok.
Ta-da!!! This is it! My 10 thousand rupiahs’ happiness! Hahha.

Bihun telur bebek

So, my purpose of writing this up is actually not particularly refer to any stall, but I just want to share with you guys about how we Medanese used to enjoy our breakfast every morning
Each city has its own food story  to tell. How about you guys? What you guys usually eat for breakfast?

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