Mie Pangsit Aon

Mie Pangsit Aon

Located at Jalan Jose Rizal Medan, Mie Pangsit Aon has easily snatched the crowd's attention since their first debut around 4 months ago.
This Mie Pangsit stall originates from Siantar City and has been operating since 1967. 

Aon Tampak Depan
As far as my knowledge extends, this is the first air-conditioned Mie Pangsit stall in town. 

Aon Noodle

This eatery is clean and neat. There's outdoor seating area too. 

Aon Me Pangsit

Indoor seating area is air-conditioned, but somehow it produces so much noise from the patrons who were dining inside. 

Aon Siantar Medan

Mie Pangsit Aon is one of a kind light flavor which appeals to a large number of customers. 

They serve both thin and broad noodle, with same ingredients and toppings.
Both the thin and broad noodle was cooked until soft but not soggy. 

Aon Mie Siantar

I personally always go for broad noodle instead of the thin one. 
The minced pork was more to light and a tad salty side and I myself like sweetness in my food. 

Aon Mie

Aon Siantar

Therefore, to each preference, whether you like salty of sweet, this place worth your first and second visit, and so on. 

How many times have you taken your mie (noodle) dosage during this week? 

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