Medan’s legendary Popiah. Check it out!

Medan’s legendary Popiah. Check it out!

Err, what? This is also crowned as Legendary?
“Come on, does Medan have so many legendary eating places?”, you might ask and “YES” seems to be the only justified answer.

Popia Yoserizal

Popiah Yose Rizal

I’m not that sure how long this very humble stall has been on-the-go, but I presumed they have been around even before I was borned (ah well, I suddenly feel young again! Yay!)

Well, the point of this post is about Popiah which literally means Thin Wafer, the “thin” here is actually referred to the skin. Here in Medan, we have 2 kinds of Popiah, steamed and deep-fried.

So, before we get into the details, let me just ask you to focus on the 4 men above.
This very humble stall is located at a shop house’s terrace, nothing fancy there. Just a long table and 2 long benches on left and right side of the table. What you can see from the road is a stall with 3-4 uncles doing the wrapping, frying, packing and serving. A good teamwork.

Popia Goreng Medan Yoserizal

Look at that hot boiling oil!

Popia goreng

Stack of happiness!

popia goreng yoserizal Medan

Deep-fried popiah

So, these are the deep-fried ones.
Basically, the fillings for both steamed and fried ones are made from the same stuffs, which is containing stir-fried grated veggies and chasiu (bbq pork), also shredded crabmeat.

Popia Medan

Preparing the popiah

Popia Steamed

Steamed Popiah

And here is the steamed one and I myself prefer the steamed one more. But somehow, the fried one has a very obvious tangy crabbie flavor meanwhile it took ages to figure out that flavor in the steamed one. Oh, please don’t forget their crazy good red sauce, that is the key to your tongue’s happiness~!!

To be honest, this is a bit high in price actually, they are selling at Idr. 8K/piece now and might increase again in the future.
Some says they have better option with cheaper price, but most say there’s a valid reason why it is being tagged at that price.

But I will again tell you an old cliche statement, “You have not come to Medan if you have not tried this one.” and I’m utterly serious.

Location : Jln. Yose Rizal, Medan.
Operational hours : Daily, ard 03-04pm until late night.

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