Manhattan Fish Market Center Point Medan

Manhattan Fish Market Center Point Medan

So that me and the friends had a fish-feast at Manhattan Fish Market last Thursday.

When it comes to main course, the helpful waiter helped us to make the decision.
"Those seafood with 5 ways of cooking will surely satisfy your tummy", I interpreted her statement.

Waiting time was very tolerable, it was served to our table not long after the order was placed.

So here were what we had on the table :

Star Platter Mediterranean Fish, Idr. 249K (before tax)

What they called Platter was :
– Grilled calamari.
It has a very distinct fresh taste and ultra tender. What a feasible job for my jaw!

- The ball shaped Fried Oyster.
That peculiar oyster smell (read : bitter) aftertaste of these oysters made it so sexy! I like it!

- Poached Garlic Herb Mussels.
I love licking the meat out of the shells. No particular complain.

- Manhattan Flaming Prawns.
Just look at the pic, you'll love that overwhelming mayo topping on top of the flamed prawns! 
Loooove it to bits! Girls always love mayo, isn't it?

- Mediterranean Baked Fish or Spicy Baked Fish. We chose Mediterranean's.
Dory was cooked properly. It was soft and melted in the mouth.
To us, we prefer the Spicy Baked ones as it has a special spicy kick of flavor.
It's unique but not everyone will like it. 

Besides that, we also had the  most-spoken Sizzling Brownie as the dessert.

Idr. 39K (before tax)

On top of a sizzling plate, a scoop of vanilla ice cream was sitting daintily on a square shaped dark chocolate brownie. And hey, there came a waiter to pour the hot caramel sauce over it! I might have to ask if we can pour our own. That must be uber fun! The best way to savor desserts is to save it for the last. True enough, this Sizzling Brownie was a keeper! The dark choco brownie and vanilla ice cream tagged along so well with the caramel sauce. It was a balanced flavor and lovely sweetness level. I did sense a little bit bitter scorched flavor in the caramel sauce, but that’s the fantastic point to me, I like it! Another highlight from Manhattan Fish Market is the very friendly and helpful staffs. I’ll talk about it in my other post.

Manhattan Fish Market Medan.
Ruko Center Point Blok F1, Medan.

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