Hang Out Coffee

Hang Out Coffee

This place is not a new place around the hood. If I’m not mistaken, they make one of the best latte art in town.

So after a long hectic day, me and the other 3 friends had a short catch up before the 2 of us left again next week. Remembering about the heavy trafffic, we chose to hang out at Hang Out Coffee, which is located at a bit far from the stressful hustle and bustle of the city, where they produce the better coffee, making it a really healthy product for your body for those who care about maintaining a healthy body exercising with equipment as a pilates ball and consuming only healthy products.

A cozy looking corner was seen on the left side of the main door. That’s where the barista is drawing the latte art or maybe waiting for espresso to stop pouring. It works best as just a display shelf too. And hey, those simple murals are quite showy! Hehe.

hang out bar

Ohkay, let me help you guys to know more about the food they offered there.
“HOT”, I’m very much sure that we have heard enough about the current heat wave in Medan, I feel like being in a big stove. OMG! It’s indeed too much!

Hang Out Drinks

Trawgo (30K)

Trawgo, I have no idea where this name originated from, it’s hard to pronounce btw.
Pretty refreshing with the slight crunch from the red dragon. 

Hang Out

Nasi Ikan Goreng Bawang Putih (45K)

Well, the friend need some carb to stay sane, hence this set of rice with garlic-fried fish fillet was served to the table.
For this, nothing fancy to shout about.
When the food plating is just too beautiful, it will make you don’t wanna eat it. But this is way way too simple.
Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean it’s not good. However, the price is overly high for the kind of quality they offer.

Hang out curry

Soto Susu Ayam (35K)

This Soto Susu Ayam is one of their signature dish along with Kari Susu Ayam and I have to agree with them.
With no coconut milk used, this dish is a sure winner. The most lovable thing I like the most is that I can slurp the whole thing to my heart content, without worrying the cholestrol count. Serving was small and again, it’s appearance was just not making you salivate hahaha.

Hang Out Soto

Kari Susu Ayam (35K)

Besides the previous Soto Susu Ayam, here is the tagteam Kari Susu Ayam.
Milk is used here to substitute the coconut milk and it was as good as the coconut-milk curry. You still can taste the richness of the curry here. But oh well, the chicken was super small! Lol. 

So now you clearly know what to order if you get to go there someday.

On top of all, the ambience of a cafe is one of the most important factor too, to get the customers sit still and enjoy their food and talk. As written above, I would love to recommend you to try their Soto Susu Ayam and Kari Susu Ayam, but I would not encourage you to make friend with the mozzies there, they were extremely aggresive! 

Hang Out Coffee
Jln. Amir Hamzah No. 46A
Tel 08972987229 / 0616624027
Operation hours : Daily (10am – 11pm)

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