Pantai Cermin

Pantai Cermin

The idea of cafe-hopping or mall-strolling lost to the fun of a day trip out of town, for an uber-late lunch. It’s seafood feasting! Can you guys hear me? Its S.E.A.F.O.O.D! Woohoo!

This was my ‘countable’ visit since 2 yrs ago. This place does not often come to mind, considering the far location in which we need to take approximately 1.5hrs car ride to reach the place. Meaning it’s 3hrs for round trip.

Due to some circumstances, we started off quite late and reached there at around 4pm.

Entrance fee was quite modest for those who eat and drink and SWIM.                                                            How about us? We eat and drink ONLY, didn’t even take our shoes off and didn’t even put our pretty feet in the sands, the entrance fee was definitely EXORBITANT >.<

Innumerable throngs were crowding the beach and occupying all the small shacks on the beach, kids and adults were seen playing with the sands or swimming.                                                                                   Long story short, we can’t even take a decent pic of the tranquil beach, people was strewn through out the whole beach.

Due to the all-occupied shacks, we chose to sit here.

Pantai Cermin

We chose to sit there inside this twin shacks.

Pantai Cermin

Pantai Cermin

This is not a new place for us, some of the highlight dishes offered by this kind of beach restaurant are actually memorized outside our head. I was in monster level of hunger so I visualized that EVERYTHING in the menu must be delicious.                                                                                                                                  Good thing that I have an annoying girlfriend who always remind me of my all the time “big-appetite-small stomach” habit. Haha. She always stops me from ordering too much food. Thank you buddy for your effort to date, or else I’m going broke very soon. LOL.

Since we were still in the car, I have mentioned for like a thousand times that I want Crab in Padang Sauce.      Here you go!

Pantai Cermin - Crab in Padang Sauce

Pantai Cermin – Crab in Padang Sauce

I regret to say, this crab in padang sauce was not as delicious as what I had in other seafood restaurant nearby. Far below my expectation, the flesh was thick and fresh, the sauce was, as well, quite rich, but not to the term of calling “delicious”.

Steamed Prawn

Steamed Prawn

Taadaaa~~~, the dish that stole the limelight of the late lunch was this steamed huge prawn with ginger and garlics.  It’s so to speak, huge, meaty and deliciously succulent!                                                                           I have not always been a major lover of prawns, but this was precisely like what I’d yearned for. Top score you there!

Pantai Cermin - Fried Crab

Pantai Cermin – Fried Crab

On the other hand, the friend adored this Fried Crab a lot. There’s a hint of tamarind coming from the shell. But this fried ones were skinnier and less flesh. The crab cracker did the work most of the time.

Pantai Cermin - Stir Fried Kangkong

Pantai Cermin – Stir Fried Kangkong

The very common dish come along with the other seafood dishes, stir fried kangkong. Tasted mediocre with the mouth-watering presentation.

Pantai Cermin - Deep fried squid.

Pantai Cermin – Deep fried squid.

This batter fried squid was the most difficult to resist. Right after the plate was put on the table, sooo many fingers starting to grab. Yes, it’s finger-licking good!

In conclusion, here’s a shot from the top.

Pantai Cermin

Pantai Cermin

Oh, that’s it? And what’s for drink? This young and dangerous coconut juice!

Pantai Cermin

Pantai Cermin

On the next visit, I’m so keen to bring along my 20 months old nephew there and let him play with the sands and sun.

As for me personally, all we need is a well spent weekend. Clear weather (at least on the day when we were there), strong wind that we luuuuurvee having our hair waved all the way when we had our meal (it’s irritating I should confess, LOL!) and good companions.

Dining over the water is relaxing and a lot of fun! There’s so much to laugh at and there’s tons of selfies we produced but sure I’m not going to post it here! LOL.


Cheers, Celcilia Tjioe ^.^


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