Foodandholiday travel to Ipoh

Foodandholiday travel to Ipoh

And so, this would be my latest post about FOODANDHOLIDAY Goes to Penang.
So so sorry for the lack of update, guys. I was and am still occupied with family, friends and works.

Well, let me start now!
We woke up early and off we went to Ipoh on my 2nd last day in Penang.
Dropped by McD drive through to settle the breakfast (read : Fillet-O-Fish) before I started sleeping in the car again. Yessss, I enjoyed the motion in the car as much as I enjoyed sleeping! Hahaha.


Ready, set, go!
This is Penang second bridge named Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah Bridge (what a tongue twisting name!)
It’s a 24 km bridge linking Penang Island to Penang mainland. View was magnificent! Open the car window and put your hands out of the window to feel the strong winds in your hand and face if you are brave and I did it! Lol.


Later on, I was awakened by the sound of rain. And yes, we have reached Tua Pek Kong Temple in Sitiawan.
Nearly 4 hours of driving, we finally made it to there. Yippeeee.




It took us about more than 1 hour to reach this place from Ipoh town.
Learned that this place was actually the village of fisherman. This temple is such a spacious area with many giant size statues of Deity.
I walked around, I took photos of the statues, I offered incenses, I introduced myself to the Deities and I also took selfie :p

We left the temple after go one round and drove back to Ipoh.
The partner mentioned that we cannot miss dining in SUN YEONG WAI Roasted Duck if we are in Ipoh and I was more than happy to be brought to this place. Why? Pls read on!



Sun Yeong Wai Roasted Duck Restaurant is one of Ipoh famous culinary specialist major in barbecue and roasted dishes. Passed down from father to son and established in Ipoh for more than twenty years, Sun Yeong Wai is now a brand closely synonymous with Roasted Ducks (quoted from

So now, pls take a look on below Tang Gui Roasted Duck.
This is the best best food during my whole trip! This meal totally worth hours of car ride away from Penang. The kitchen name this Dang Gui (Chinese Angelica Root) Roasted Duck.

Crispy skin, succulent, soft and tender meat. I have no complaint at all since it was exactly as boasted. I even requested to order the second serving. It’s way too good really!


And here is their other signature dish, BBQ PORK!
This is so so so goooood! Or should I say its beyond good! I’m truly running out of word to say about this.
So guys, you have to go try yourself and see how many servings you can eat at once. Haahhaa.


This post sums up my previous trip to Penang. I’ll come back here again with my other travel stories! See ya, all!

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