Foodandholiday Goes To Taiwan (part 2)

Foodandholiday Goes To Taiwan (part 2)

Hi hi! Foodandholiday is back here for the 2nd day of the 9D8N Taiwan trip.
This post gonna be a heavy photos post instead of words, because pictures speak a thousand words. ENJOY! :)

17 July 2015 :
Early in the morning, we woke up and get prepared to have our luggages and stuffs moved to the bus and we'll be lodging at Flying Cow Ranch in Miaoli, Taiwan. 

Breakfast in Tao Garden Hotel (pls check the room in our previous post) was pretty good, food spread was quite decent and the display was neat and clean.
It's been a while since the last time I devoured hotel's breakfast buffet. So, the euphoria was kicking in.

First stop straight from the hotel was to visit Martyrs' Shrine and witnessed the changing of guards ceremony. 
Oh my! I gawked at those guide with total disbelief and was totally amazed and stunned by how determined those guards were. Those guards on duty were not allowed to move even an inch and have to stand still for 30 minutes before the next changing ceremony. They were sweating badly and the sweats dripped into the eyes, and yet they had to minimize the eyes blinking. Oh my! This is one of the hardest job in the world! Salute to all you guards who serve the nation! 
P1080983 (resize)
Second stop after the Martyrs' Shrine, we were transfered to Yehliu Geology Park. I don't think I still need to explore much about this place, as the readers could easily click on the link I embedded above.
It is a scenic spot but the weather was so scorchingly hot. 
Below are some of the pictures I managed to take under the hot sun.

Ye Liu Geopark

Ye Liu Geopark

I was so depressed with the weather that the sweats kept dripping out.
Good thing that there's a traditional market just opposite Yehliu Geopark. 
This bigger than PALM-SIZED mangoes were found sitting in all the fruit stalls along the market and they were very sweet and juicy. We just can't get enough of it. Mango was on season back then.




The day was still very young after Yehliu Geopark. 
Next destination was Jiufen Old Street. Woohooo!!
A long, seemingly endless stretch of street food was happening in Juifen Old Street. I was excited like a 3 years old girl in a candy store. This place is totally my cup of tea!
Every single stuff we tasted was either very delicious or average and most of them was very good.

Jiufen NIght Market

Jiufen Night Market

Jiufen Old Street was the first night market (during daytime) in New Taipei City we were brought to. As I mentioned before, for whatever reason, I was hilarious when seeing the FOOD there! All was new to me. LOL. The first stall we stumbled upon was this Beef Noodle. We considered nothing but to ambush the shop and luckily found ourselves a small table enough for four, simply because their queue was long!

Long story short, beef noodle and beancurd with glutinous rice balss (not in the pic) were served to us not long after.
The beef noodle's broth was far from a dish we, Medanese, will say good. It's bland and has nothing to shout about.
But the noodle was smoooooth as slik that it kept falling off the chopstick. 
As for the beed, I put no effort in pulling it off, it was the melting-in-the-mouth kinda beef.

For the readers of foodandholiday who plan to go to Jiufen, do drop this stall a visit. They actually do not need any shout out as their long queue speaks for itself already.



Next on, so to say about this chinese sausage. It was the top-notch bomb! I seriously can’t get enough of it!



The prawn balls were as well very tasty too that I hardly rush to get the 2nd box. 
For days like this, I wish I had an extra stomach so that I do not need to stop eating. 



And yeaaahh! I made it to the stinky tofu at last! And I have to say that I can bear with it and happily gorged down everything!


This is one unique food I met in Jiufen Old Street night market, peanut and ice cream wrap! There’s a bed of crushed peanuts topped with 2 scoops of ice cream and wrapped with something like pohpia skin. Ice cream is just ice cream to me, but this is quite interesting.



As what I typed in the very first paragraph of this post, our 2nd day was ended with an overnight stay in Flying Cow Ranch in Miaoli. We were sleeping in a very looooovely 2 storey loft! Will share about it in our next post! Do stay tuned! 

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