Foodandholiday goes to Penang (part 3)

Foodandholiday goes to Penang (part 3)

Hey Hey, I’m back with the part 3 of FOODANDHOLIDAY GOES TO PENANG!
I know this has become a very tardy post, but it’s better late than never to share how all the food in Penang and Ipoh made my year-end holiday fun and meaningful!

So this part 3 is solely about Gurney Drive.
Gurney Drive, (Malay: Persiaran Gurney; Chinese : 新关仔角 ; Hokkian : Ua Na Kak) is Penang’s most popular tourist destination which is famous for it’s hawker food. You must have guessed that I will say that I love everything I had on that afternoon and ended up summoning the partner and friend to give me some helping hands.
Those who know me long enough will know that I have big appetite but small teeth! I’m thankful they are still loving me no matter what. LOL.

Come! Let me introduce you to some hawker food that most probably is not something new for you.


Clockwise : Penang Curry Noodle, Penang Prawn Noodle, Cuttlefish Kangkong, Lo Mai Kai (Sticky Rice on Lotus Leave) and Grilled Cuttlefish.


Shown here is the Apom (pancake).
We had already munched all the first purchase and I queued again for another 20 pcs!
Very long queue indeed, but the feeling of smuggling these apom into the cinema and munching them all while IPMAN was on the show was actually very good! I wanted to do that again! Hahhaa.


Next coming up is this Kway Teow Theng (Wide Noodle Soup) from 99 Noodles Gurney Drive.
With many important people in my life, I have many years of memories with this stall. I always sneak in this stall whenever I’m in Penang – so did this trip.
I opted for Kway Teow in clear soup with self-picked ingredients. It came out in one big bowl with filled-to-the-very-top ingredients!
I super like the garlic scent in the broth. Costed me RM.15 for this bowl. Yeah, by then, I was full to the brim and full to the throat too! >.<

Lok Lok Lok Lok Gurney Drive

And finally, LOK LOK!
How can one miss having LOK LOK while in Penang?? Tell me, how to?? How to??? I’m indeed curious! Please someone tell me! Hhahaha.
Yeahh, I’m sorry if I go crazy when talking about Lok lok. I can just stand there and easily gobble down 10 sticks or more in one go, especially when you are having a crazy buddy with you! Ahhhh, heavenly!

Ohkay, I have to go back to my documents and emails, but I’ll be back soon with Snake Temple!
Pls check my IG @zhoueats or come to this web regularly so that you won’t miss any single post here. Bye for now! 


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