Foodandholiday goes to Penang (part 2)

Foodandholiday goes to Penang (part 2)

Hullo, it’s another weekend again!
Have you been waiting for the part 2 of my Penang trip? Well, here you go! 🙂

I have been always wanted to take a look at Penang’s street art ever since I heard, read and saw the pictures about it.
Yeah, this wasn’t my first visit to Penang, my last visit there was to see my Ophthalmologist (read : Dr. Adrian Chan, Island Hospital) for the second follow up visit after my Lasik Surgery, but never once I have the chance to visit there. So, can you tell how glad I am that I did it this time?

So, off we went to Armenian Street!
Thanks to the GPS and also thanks to the car rental company who was hooking us up those few days! We even drove to Ipoh to have a super scrumptious lunch! Those who are in my IG followers list should have known about it, but I will keep the Ipoh detail for my next post btw, hehee.

Ohkayyy, what’s good and what’s special from Armenian Street? Street art of course!
I didn’t manage to take many pics of the street arts actually, as the sun was shining with no mercy and we were like treading on the endless road. Pheww..

Not to mention, the whole street was crowded, especially those spots with the art on the walls and I was perspiring like no tomorrow.

We walked until almost the end of the street and found this “BOY ON CHAIR” with not too long queue. And there’s a mini cafe next to this mural. But we didn’t go in as we were still very full from the Bak Kut Teh we had earlier.

Armenian chair

Boy on chair.

And also this stretch of 2 storeys houses, quite a picturesque spot to enjoy the sun and one or two selfies, right?

Armenian Street buildings

And Ta daaa…!!! This is one of the most famous murals, “KIDS ON BICYCLE”.
Queue was snake-long when we walk passed through the first time, but it was even longer when we came back for the 2nd time =_=.
But hell yeah! I managed to take a selfie with that 2 happy kids! Hehhee.

Armenian Street Penang

While on the way back to our rental car, we bumped into this Giant Cat Mural! It was indeed HUGE! However, this painting is quite faded for having been exposed to sun light for a long time.
But still, this cat is very adorable and amazing!


That’s all for my Armenian Street post and despite of the heat and humidity, we were having so much fun there!
If any of you are in Penang or planning to go to Penang, do visit Armenian Street!

Coming next is about Gurney Drive, stay tuned again ok? Have a blessed and fun weekend ahead!

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