Foodandholiday goes to Hongkong

Foodandholiday goes to Hongkong

Hello everyone! How are you all doing?
Life has been busy and hectic for us all here. Some of us are traveling while some of us are struggling hard for every dollar so that she can travel more and more! Hahahaa.

Well, from this post onward, I will share my travel experience from my last trip to Hong Kong back in April. Have I told you how much I love Hong Kong? Have I told you how excited I was when the date came closer? Now you know if I haven’t told you :p 

Me and my more-than-2-decades of bff were traveling together this time. Our intention was to tick off all the food lists we made prior to the trip. And yes! We managed to cover almost half of those places! Will share about it later ok?

The whole flight was an enjoyable one with the great service and hospitality from the super friendly and always smiling stewardess.
Meals on board was good also. With the on-and-off nap while the movie was playing on the TV was just simply a bliss.

Touched down Hong Kong safe and sound at around 11.20am, flight was puncture and safe.
Lugging our luggage up and down the MTR and climbing up and down the stairs was not a joke. We started perspiring albeit the cool weather and started to blame ourselves for not taking taxi straight to the hotel.Sigh, we need money to shop and eat, so we need to save. Its ok! Just sacrifice the legs and the arms first! Hahahaha.

Tadaaa! Finally we reached the hotel! METRO WINNER HOTEL located at Nathan Road, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon Hongkong.
Its just across the street of MTR Yau Ma Tei Station exit C, a very convenient location indeed. Thanks to the bff for her effort to do the check and recheck prior the trip!


Hey, look! Room was really spacious not only by Hong Kong standard. Beds were clean and comfy with nice pillows, washroom was nice and clean as well. An awesome deal for a SGD. 100 per room / per night hotel.

Metrowinner HK 2016_0417_14162200 Toilet Metro Winner 2016_0417_14151400

And, another thing I love about this hotel is, their WIFI was swift and dependable! Strategic location, I strongly recommend this hotel to you guys!

That’s all for my first post and I’ll come back to you again with the 2nd post which is none other than FOOD and FOOD and FOOD! Ciao!

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