Foodandholiday goes to HK (part 2)

Foodandholiday goes to HK (part 2)

Hey hey! I’m back with the 2nd part of my HK travelogue.
And so you guys have seen the room we stayed for 3 nights there, right? Comfy, eh?

We were utterly famished after that, so off we started our very first food journey soon after checking in the hotel.
But first, we got ourselves an Octopus card, one card that let us do our way around the town. I love Octopus card with all its convenience! It was attached to my “bum bum” all day long. Hahaha.

octopus card

And here is the scene I miss much about Hongkong..

Hong Kong

As I mentioned in my previous post, me and the friend did the homework before coming here.
There’s a 3 full pages of must-visit resto and cafes and eateries. Dimsum Icon at The One Mall Nathan Road was one of them 🙂

I was actually attracted to go there because of their cute and creative idea of bringing Gudetama and Little Twin Star characters into the dimsum and other dishes. I went awwww when I saw those gimmicky and cute pics of Gudetama poo-ing in dimsum baskets (oops!) and Little Twin Stars looked ever so cute too!

But, much to my disappointment, Dimsum Icon have changed their theme into Kobitos characters, which was ….. not my favorite character.. But, since we were already there in The One Mall, we decided to just give them a try.

Much to our surprise also, there’s no snake queue as written in most of the reviews.
Did it mean that the crowd didn’t like Kobitos as much as they liked Gudetama and Little Twin Stars? Do read on.

Without any delay, we entered the resto and took the seats. Soon after we were seated, a young lady came to us and handed us a check-list of menu items.

So, here were our orders : Steamed Pork Dumplings, Steamed Prawn Dumplings, Creamy Custard Buns and the show-stopper Soft Mochi with Azuki Beans and Fresh Strawberries! Look at the pictures below for your better understanding.

Dimsum Icon HK

Dimsum Icon  icon dmsum HK

icon dimsum


Again, we were surprised by the quality of the food. They were all very good, if not outstanding!
The real show-stopper was the Mochi! We love it darn much!
But can anyone tell me when the Gudetama or Little Twin Star theme will be back again? Or they will have Hello Kitty or Badtz Maru or Kero Keroppi? Let’s find it out on my next visit!
Total damage for the dimsum lunch was HKD. 249 (yes, it’s quite pricey though).

The proper meal was settled, here comes the dessert of the day! HUI LAU SHAN.
Please someone tell me if you do not know this dessert place. They have multiple locations in Hongkong and are uber famous for their mango desserts and drinks. Here we go~!

Hui Lao Shan HK Hui Lao Shan

Hui Lao Shan dessert

Another craving was fixed! Damage was HKD. 59 for this set. We were very full and contented after this. But the problem was, we were still not stopping. This was not our last meal of the day. Hahaha.

On the side note :
I cannot remember what time it was and which line we took, the MTR was fully packed with people, it was most probably during the off-work hour. The really good thing is, air conditioning inside the train is all the time in full-blast mode.
So, no unpleasant odor was detectable. LOL.

Bye for now and see you guys again on my next post!


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