Enjoying the weekend

Enjoying the weekend

Hi frenz..
How you start your morning today ?

Every time I woke up and think what am I going to do today? and guess what…too much thinking make me late for work…hahaha…

Have you ever thought about your destiny ? your purpose of life ? what is God purpose for your life? and are you ready for it ?

If you asked me…then I will stare at you with blank mind and confused eyes..yuepp..i also dont know what God’s purpose for me ? maybe it will be more easier for us if God have BBM or WATSAPP or maybe EMAIL so He just can told us what to do..dont you think ??

But most important is…we are here today is to make everyone surround us being happy, sometimes our frens or family are having trouble in their life but hey…we are not bodyguard or maybe life saver so we dont know how to help every single problem that happen..but one for sure..we can be there for them who need us..maybe just listening and sit quietly beside them or maybe just can ask them to have one cup of coffee or tea and just chill out.

Sexy  woman

God will send angel for us …anyone no exception…but maybe we dont aware it..never give up and you will see good one are waiting for you ahead.

so frens…wanna have breakfast with me this morning ?












A cup of coffee and half boiled eggs….will definitely make your day GREAT.

”Life is short..Smile while you still have teeth’



Green Tea


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