Bakso Sapi Jln. Gandhi Medan

Bakso Sapi Jln. Gandhi Medan

Hello you all dear foodies! How is life going?

I will be talking about a new found place in town selling very delicious beef meatball soup and Yong Tofu.

A clean and tidy space. This humble eatery is run by a couple in their 60s, located at Jln. Gandhi No. 12 Medan.

bakso jln gandhi

I was quite astonished with the sight like this!
Oh my! Those beef balls looked so tempting! 

bakso medan

bakso gandhi

My first portion went with Kway Teow (rice noodle), it was so so so good! 
I don't care how gluttony I would look, I just love this beef balls soup very much that I know I have to order the 2nd portion!

So, there you go!
Pic shown below was my second portion. I went for all beef portion, beef balls, tendon balls, tripes and beef slices.
Beef balls were so well seasoned and so darn scrumptious, especially the tendon balls. Soup was as well packed with rich flavor and free additional soup is provided. 
On top of that, uncle and auntie seller were so generous with the fried chopped garlic!

Oh my! I'm sooooo into it! No MSG was added, the uncle told me proudly and I trust him.

bakso urat

This was the friend’s Liong Tahu (Yong Tofu) and she said that all the ingredients were as well fresh and tasty.
But I’m not a fan of Liong Tahu since don’t-know-when, so let us just focus on the beef balls. LOL. 


For those who have been a regular here, I guarantee that you must be visiting this place very often.
And for those who haven’t known about this place, be sure to plan yourself a visit! You will not regret!

Bakso Sapi Gandhi
Jln. Gandhi No. 12 Medan. 
Operational hours : Daily (from morning – 6pm)

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