Another short escape to Batam Island (part 1)

Another short escape to Batam Island (part 1)

Hello yellow! I’m nowhere near mellow! I need a break again to let me glow! Probably I’ll be spending my time playing video games with services from Elitist Gaming!
But well…., I just had one recently actually. Thus, before the memories go bad, I’d better seal it tight by jotting them all down here.

So, welcome to my mini travelogue! Let’s go!


Welcome to Batam! This was what I encountered once I walked off the plane through the bridge.

Dunno why, I always feel very happy every time I walk through the bridge or I like to call it “trunk”, I feel “important” that way! Hahahha. Pls dun tell anybody that I’m such a countrified, ok?

Expected arrival time was actually at 4.40pm since I was not flying with morning flight. But, as expected, the flight was delayed by 40 minutes (that’s sucks), plus the friends were super late coming to fetch me! Hmmm..
I was asked to go to the toilet for as long as I could, but hell no! the toilet door’s lock was not working! Oh it’s a complete package, honey! Feed me food! I was “hangry” by then!

And, finally! First stop, my first proper food. I was so hungry that I could eat a cow!
The gang chosed to dine at OLD PLACE. It’s not a new place for me, but I haven’t been to this not-long-ago opened branch. They name it Old Place Seafood & Cafe, located very near from our location,  it took only, probably, 5 minutes on foot from our lodge. 很方便 !!


Old Place occupies 2 shop houses. To a layman (me), location wise is good with spacious parking lot.
Btw, I was going there on Friday night, so the judgement was just based on that evening. *justifying is always important!* lol.

Well, let’s dig into the drink and food!


Here at this place, it’s been a trademark for us to always go for this throat-refreshing Calamansi Juice or popularly known as Limau Kasturi Juice. My tongue was experiencing tart and sweet taste at the same time.


Here come the food!
We had Salted Egg Scallops, Ikan Bilis Cabe Hijau, Fresh prawns on bamboo sticks, Ayam Cabe Hijau, Kerang Saos Thai and Chili Padi Beehoon Crab. All was good and delicious! My most favorite goes to Salted Egg Scallops! It’s so damn good that I licked the plane clean!

Dinner was done, walking back to the hotel became a a little bit more difficult because each of us were carrying a big beer belly back with us. Pffttt…

But waiiiit! The night was still so young! How could we just slack on hotel’s bed without having supper? Indomie is always a great idea for supper, so there we go to Mie Ayam Bakso Langgeng!



We first knew about this place through Batamliciouz. Actually not only here, almost 90% of the food hunting in Batam we did over the years are all from him too. He is Batam’s foodclopedia!

Back to the topic now, this was my first time there and clearly it was more exciting than the other 2 friends’ umpteenth time. The name of this stall shows clearly what’s good there, no doubt it’s their Mie Ayam Bakso.

But we are all gluttons and we decided to make the evening into a Bakso and Noodle night! Yes, we do have short term memories too (we forgot easily what we had just eaten before that hahahha).

Look below what we ordered, don’t be surprised ok?
It’s a bowl of Indomie Ayam Bakso, a bowl of meatballs and tendon balls and a bowl of Soto Lamongan.
Well, 2 of us surrendered, so these were for 4 of us. Not too much, right? *again, justifying is always important*


Let me start!


Soto Lamongan, my first time knowing this dish.
It’s not mine, so I cannot comment much. According to the friend, it tasted mediocre as they do not have Koya to compliment it.


Bakso Sapi dan Bakso Urat.
Everyone in the whole world knows that I luuuuurve beef tendon balls! This one here was exceptionally good!
They were chewy and tasted better. Soup was savory too, I loved every sip of it!


What came next is their famous Mie ayam Bakso. True enough, this is good in many ways.
Springy noodles and delicious braised minced chicken. The egg-stuffed meatball was just normal though.

So, who is the champion? It’s certainly the Mie Ayam Bakso and Bakso Urat. I will definitely going back there again on my next trip to Batam.

To make this a fair game, I cannot compare the food here in Batam to what I’m used to have in Medan.
My town (read : Medan) is well known for its food. I would say that maybe our Medan food will delightfully shock you Batam fellows’ tongues with its bold flavor. But yeah, we are used to bold and rich flavor. Maybe I’m going to like light-tasting food when I’m older, but not now pls! Hahahha.

So bye for now, I’ll be back soon with the part 2!

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