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About Food and Holiday

Hola! I’m back again here for another little update.

This time around, I’d like to elaborate a little bit on how FOODANDHOLIDAY is set up.

One fine evening, exactly a month ago, me and the other 3 buddies were in a fairly newly opened cafe in town, the idea of establishing a platform about food and holiday popped out in the conversations.

Well, I should admit that this idea wasn’t new at all, we ever been on xxx website many years back, supported by the more or less similar ideas. Deja vu was the word of the day, we were like being teleported back to those olden days when we were still young, seated in Pepper Lunch (it’s amazing that I still remember the place! kudos to me!) and talked about the very same topic too. But due to many factors, it had been more and more challenging for us (me particularly) to accomplish and stick to the obligation to drop at least 400 words there, once in a week at least. So….., there you go, that said blog became hiatus, ever after. LOL.

Being involved in this platform is quite fascinating for me, at least at the present time. I tend to write long caption on IG, I feel empty and hollow if things don’t go my way, when I have no idea what to put in the caption. Hahaha. On the other side, I enjoyed reading long caption too, enjoyed exploring how people put their thoughts in funny lines.

Aside from the interesting wordings, there is no doubt that pictures play BIG role in blogsphere too. Food images you are viewing here are still produced using Samsung Galaxy or Note, along with the helps of some popular image editing apps (writer is actually drooling over mirrorless camera currently). Meanwhile for the travel-related blog posts, all those awesome shots are twisted from the “high-tech weapon” of our blog’s core member, Mr. Karnadi Lim. Do pay his website a visit and you’ll understand what I mean.

To the readers out there, please stand by us. Millions seeds of ideas are awaiting for us, we will make the best of what we have to grow the seeds become a big tree. Whoooaahh! Am I exaggerating much?? LOL.

** Okie…., feel like I’ve been writing forever, but the word count is still stuck at 394.  >.<!

Ok, I’m continuing the topic.. Our majestic mission on establishing this platform is actually to write as much interesting articles about (low and high budget) food and low budget travel tips. I myself is not a food blogger, YET. We don’t fancy cramping ourselves in whatever place so called newly opened cafe or restaurants. But we have discussed about this, we need to be the second or third person to write review of new places if we can’t afford to be the first. LOL! Anyway, forget about it. Rules are meant to be broken :p

And, finally!!! I have reached the sufficient word count! So to end this post, hereunder are 2 pics from the place where the idea of establishing foodandholiday took place :

Miley Bistro Churros

Miley Bistro Churros

Miley Bistro Spaghetti Rendang

Miley Bistro Spaghetti Rendang

To commemorate the birth of our humble blog, we need to revisit Miley Bistro again in the near future and make a (hopefully) full review about the place. So stay tuned!

Have a wonderful weekend and ciao from Indonesia~!!



foodholiday logo revisi

Warna Biru pada kata Food melambangkan bahwa setiap kita membutuhkan makan dan keseharian kita, biru di kalender menandakan hari biasa sedangkan Warna Merah pada kata Holiday melambangkan Liburan pada setiap tanggal merah di kalender, jadi setiap ada libur mari kita tinggalkan rutinitas dan pergi berlibur melepaskan penat dan lelah setelah aktifitas rutin.

Kata Indonesia Traveler and Food Blogger melambangkan bahwa website ini kami buat sebagai wadah bagi kami untuk berbagi mengenai perjalanan dan keseharian kami dalam menikmati kuliner. Bintang 4 buah mewakili jumlah kami dalam mengelola website ini, ya.. kami terdiri dari 4 orang yang saling melengkapi dan menjadikan apa yang diangan-angankan dapat terwujud. Alone we are nothing…Together we are something! 4 of us can make difference for this world with this website..





Celcilia Tjioe ^.^




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